Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Rewind: Kindergarten Mini Album

I'm heading in for some major surgery on my inner ear this morning.  I'll have a few days in the hospital and then at least two weeks at home.  I'm really hoping I'm up to crafting soon, but in the meantime, I've created some "rewind" posts for you of some favorite past projects.

This is a kindergarten mini album that I made for my niece for Christmas in 2010. 

Here are all of the pictures of the inside. I used so many different Cricut cartridges and papers that I gave up trying to keep track of them all. 

I've only made a couple of mini albums, and this is inspiring me to make another one soon.  I forgot how fun it was!


  1. I hope your surgery goes well! Take it easy and rest! Love the album!

  2. Hope your surgery goes well, take care!!
    Really like your album !!!

  3. Katie,take care and my thoughts are with you.
    Please let me know if I can do anything to help.

    Get well soon.


  4. katie, I haven't seen this one before so I'm SO glad you shared it again. It is amazing. I can't imagine how long it took, but I bet she LOVES it!!!! Take care sweet friend and feel better QUICKLY!!!! Hugs- Glora

  5. Katie, I hope your surgery goes well. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. If I can help in any way, please let me know. And I love your mini album!

  6. Katie ~ Oh my this is just a FABULOUS mini! I LVOE all the details! WOW! I have ALWAYS wanted to make one but have no idea hwere to start!
    Well ~ you know where my thoughts are today! Everything will turn out fabulous! Hang in there and HUGE HUGS and warm healing thoughts are coming your way!

  7. I wish you well on your surgery. I hope it all turns out as planned. Please let us know. And thank you for posting this mini. I love it! And it will be helpful to me. Take care!

    Julie from Fayette

  8. Hope you have a speedy recovery!

    Love this mini album :)

    Pruttybird at comcast dot net

  9. Really cute album!!! Wishing you well with your surgery!

    Brenda W.

  10. Great little book Katie!!! Sending you lots of prayers and get well wishes. Big Big Hugs to you!!! I'm so happy they can fix this for you :)

  11. Beautiful album! Best wishes and prayers for successful surgery and recovery.

  12. Hope everything went well with your surgery and that you are feeling completely better in no time. Fabulous mini album.


  13. love the walk down memory lane! you felt so sorry for me, you had to get on the surgery bandwagon. :)


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