Tuesday, August 30, 2011

School Welcome Poster

Today is my first day of school!  I've been crazy busy for the last couple of weeks getting my classroom ready, but it finally all came together.  I thought I'd share with you some of the ways I use my Cricut in my classroom.  This is the welcome poster that faces out the window in the front of my classroom.  I found this awesome animal print paper (Safari Untamed by The Paper Studio) at Hobby Lobby this summer and just knew I had to use it.

My backpacks are from the Recess cartridge, and I used the Feeling Groovy font cartridge for my words, except for "Wild", which is from Straight From the Nest.

The Cricut is great for making titles for bulletin boards.  I especially love tall, narrow fonts that don't take up too much room.  This one is Cricut Classic Font, Tall Ball.  I love being able to weld the letters on my Gypsy so they are a snap to pin up.

For my reading bulletin board, I used lots of different cartridges that had cuts relating to our Friendship theme.

This is a little board next to my desk.  I made that job chart last year, and was happy to have it survive the year!  You can look at this post to see it in more detail.  I think the "2/3 Stars" is from Nate's ABCs, and the "Table Points" is from the Creative Memories Cheerful Seasons cartridge.  The paper flowers are cut from Flower Shoppe, but I can't take any credit for the cute felt flower pushpins.  Those were made by a former student of mine, who is very talented!

My students are arranged in table teams, and they work hard to earn points.  I record them on this chart, and when we reach the top of the popcorn, we have a popcorn party, and so on.  It really only ends up to being three parties in the year, but the kids LOVE it!

I'll be back tomorrow with a couple of more things to share!


  1. All of your bulletin boards turned out great! Love the animal prints on the backpacks! Have a wonderful first week! lindagk23

  2. This is what it is all about! You have really used your Cricut to its best! Great bulletin boards and posters! Lots of creativity! Have a wonderful school year!

  3. wow- you have been busy. you must have the best looking cork boards in school.
    Stop over to pick up an award I have for you,

  4. WOW! You have been busy. I want my kid to be a student in your classroom. I can only imagine all the fun your students will be having with you.

    Have a wonderful school year.


  5. sooo cute Katie! makes me what to go back to 2nd grade! lol!

  6. You are such an amazing teacher, who would take the time to do all this... I am sure the kids love it all.. I am like Kate, "I wish I was in your class"...You did a FABULOUS job on it all. hugs

  7. Katie, you must be one fantastic teacher and your class is so lucky to have you. If I had small ones I sure would love having them in your classroom. What a fun way to incorporate the Cricut into the classroom. Hugs, Nancy

  8. Fantastic projects!!! You almost, notice I say almost, make me miss my classroom remembering the ways I used to use my Cricut. I'm sure the rest of the staff misses me, too. LOL But alas, retirement is wonderful. Enjoyed looking at your classroom projects.

  9. WOW Katie, your room looks FABULOUS!!! Your kids are so lucky to be in your class. I hope everything went well today. I had to zoom in on these so I could see the amazing detail! It is all just perfect. I can't wait to see what you have to show us tomorrow! Hugs- Glora

  10. Ruth (cardsmade4you)August 30, 2011 at 4:09 PM

    Well done!!! I retired from teaching in June and am Cricutting like crazy with my new Gypsy so I'm not missing school so much! Have a great year!

  11. I wrote a comment on facebook for you.

  12. You are so creative. Your room looks fabulous! Awesome job, how lucky your students are to have such a crafty teacher!

  13. very creative, love the back packs, awsome work!!!

  14. The stuff you made for your class is fantastic and I just love it. What an inspiration. What great ideas. Bravo.


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