Monday, August 1, 2011

3 weeks. 6,400 miles. 15 states.

Did you miss me?  You probably didn't even notice I was gone!  Eric and I got home yesterday from a 3 week road trip with my parents.  We drove from California to Michigan, where we had a family reunion.   I scheduled a lot of posts for when I was gone, as I didn't want it out there on the internet that our house was empty!  Notice the Cuttlebug in the car?  That was for me to finish up my sneak peek projects for the July My Creative Time Stamp Release.  Emma sweetly mailed my stamps and dies to my aunt's house in Omaha so that I could finish them up there.

Here are some pics of sites we saw along the way.  When we drove through Salt Lake City, we stopped to see the Temple.  It was beautiful!

At Custer State Park in South Dakota, we saw some buffalo up close and personal.  Check out this video!

Of course, we couldn't pass by Mount Rushmore!

We next headed toward the Badlands, but we had to stop at the famous Wall Drug Store on the way.  My dad said it's changed quite a bit since he was a boy.

The Badlands were amazing!

My dad grew up in Nebraska, so we visited the cities where his parents were from (Valentine and Humphrey) before heading to his hometown of Omaha.  This is a picture of the building that housed the bank that my great grandfather started in Humphrey when he was 29 years old!

After visiting with relatives in Omaha, we visited some others in Council Bluffs, Iowa.  My uncle took us to see some of the flooding Missouri River. It is really unbelievable to see this in person.  This picture shows a highway that now goes right into the river.

Our next stop was Arlington Heights, Illinois, my mom's hometown.  Eric was determined to have some deep dish Chicago pizza, so we got some after our visit to the Field Museum.  Yum!  I couldn't believe that I was just a few minutes away from CHA, but I really couldn't interrupt our trip to stop by (nor did I really have a way to get in).

Our family reunion was in a little town on Lake Michigan called Pentwater.  My mom spent all of her summers here as a child, as her grandmother lived here.  It was a fabulous weekend!

When we left Pentwater, we headed up to St. Ignace, Michigan, where we took a ferry over to Mackinac Island.  A carriage ride was a fun way to see the island.

The next day we stopped in Sault Sainte Marie to see the Soo Locks.  We were so lucky to arrive right as a ship was entering the locks!

The next big stop was Yellowstone National Park.  Just amazing!

We even got to see Old Faithful!

After a 3 week trip, seeing the Golden Gate Bridge was the perfect ending to our journey.  Home at last!

I've been going through major crafting withdrawal this last week, so I can't wait to get back to work in my craft room!  While I was gone I was lucky enough to stop at some craft stores that we don't have in the San Francisco Bay Area.  I stopped at Hobby Lobby in Cheyenne, Arlington Heights, and Bismarck (yes, one stop wasn't enough)!  And my favorite place of all was Archiver's in Omaha!  Oh, my, I could live in that place!  I am now well stocked with paper.

If you are interested in seeing any more pics and video of our road trip, feel free to visit Eric's Summer Road Trip '11 blog.  These are all pictures that he took.  He was our official photographer.

So, did I pass by any of your houses?


  1. Wow, what wonderful pictures, and such great sites you visited. I was lucky enough to take a cross country trip with my parents when I was only 11 years old, but I have terrific memories of it, and saw many of the sites you did. Your post brought back wonderful memories and now I want to scrap about them. Had to laugh when I saw the Cuttlebug in the back of your car. TFS!!--Pat N.

  2. great shots! I'm so glad that you had a blast! And glad that you made it back saftely!

  3. Oh what awesome pictures and YES you were missed.. It looks like you had a wonderful trip. Glad you are home safe and sound.. hugs from ukiah

  4. I need to catch up on Eric's blog. What an amazing trip. I hope your Mom is doing better. These pictures are BEAUTIFUL! Hugs- Glora

  5. wonderful pictures and you didn't pass by my house as I am on the East coast but there is always next year ;)...welcome back.

  6. Hi Katie, welcome home!!! Looks like you had fun, I love road trips!!! My in-laws are from Michigan and we have talked about making that trip. And did you pass my house? Well if you came down I-5 through Redding, yep you did!! lol I'm not too far from you! :)

  7. I was just in Michigan too (the UP) for a family vacation. You must have been well prepared like I was with many drafts waiting in my blogger. I didn't have Wi-Fi anywhere besides my phone so I posted my drafts from there. If you passed Arlington Heights you were about 3 hours south of me. Archiver's is the best!!! I am going to their Scrapfest at Mall of America this September. Now go get your craft on!

  8. wow thank you for sharing your trip with us, makes me want to go on one!!!

  9. Wow, sounds like you had a wonderful time!! Our family took a trip to South Dakota and loved visiting Custer State Park, Mount Rushmore, Wal Drug etc. Thanks for sharing all your photo's and I can't believe you were able to keep your blog just a posting while you were gone...a lot of scheduled posts, I'm sure! I am so glad... I would have been bummed not seeing any projects from you in 3 wks. Enjoy your weekend:) Glad your back and you and your son had a wonderful trip:)
    Sherrie K

  10. That's a great trip. Reminds me of some great ones I taken in those areas over the years.

  11. Thank you for the "tour"! Great pictures! We just can't leave our crafting at home! Thank goodness papercrafting is portable! LOL!!!

  12. I am so glad you enjoyed my state on your visit. I so love Michigan. We have so many attractions like lakes and natural wonders that dont cost to see them. I live in the lower half but travel to the Upper Peninsula every year. Hope you can comb back again.


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