Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Patriotic Cake Pops Pail

Here's my post for the week for the Creative Critterz Imaginations blog.

Last weekend I bought Bakerella's Cake Pops book and had my first attempt at making them. They were actually quite easy to make and so delicious! My brother and sister-in-law invited us over for a Memorial Day Barbecue, so I thought it would be fun to bring these along in some cute packaging.

I recently came across the printable vinyl that came with my Imagine, and I thought it would be perfect for this project. I went to Michael's and bought a blue pail and a 4" styrofoam ball. Then I got to work on my Imagine. I selected 6 stars from A Child's Year, sized at 1.5" and filled with patterns from the Bucaneer Imagine cartridge. After printing and cutting, I kept them on my mat, and selected "Load Last" on my Imagine screen. This moved the 6 stars over from where they were last printed. I then clicked "Apply All" and changed the size to 1", and then print and cut. This is a much quicker method than going and clicking on each star individually. Finally, I repeated the process to make 2" stars and put all of the stars on my pail.

I put a little bit of bubble wrap underneath the styrofoam ball to raise it up a bit. My styrofoam ball already has holes in it in this picture because I put all of the cake pops in it, and then I decided to add the red strips of paper. It was too hard to do this with the cake pops in, so I took them out, added the paper (run through my paper crimper, cut into strips, and then curled around my finger), and put them all back in.

I bought the sprinkles at my grocery store. Unfortunately they didn't have any patriotic ones. Of course, I saw some cute ones at Michael's the next day. Isn't that always how it works? If I make these again for the 4th of July, I'll definitely be buying those!


Homemade Cake Pops on Wilton's Lollipop Sticks
Ashland Citrus Garden Pail
4" Styrofoam Ball
Bubble Wrap
Cricut Imagine Printable Vinyl


  1. Katie this is so cute and they look SO yummy too! Great idea. Hugs- Glora

  2. Katie that looks so YUMMY!. The Pail looks great too. I'm sure that was a hit.


  3. Katie what a great idea my daughter makes awesome cake balls I will have to tell about you inspired display!

  4. Katie these look so good. I've heard that wilton is doing a class on these this summer...
    Have a great day.

  5. Look yummy and they are so easy to make love your ideal!

  6. Katie, the Cake Pops turned out perfect! LOVE the patriotic pail! :o)


  7. What a fun idea! Love this Katie! the pail is so bright and colorful and the pops look delish. ;)


  8. super cute project, your pail looks very patriotic

  9. Katie,
    These are just PERFECT and YUMMY looking! I am sure they are going to LOVE this whole idea! I am sure they are YUMMY too! Okay the vinyl has sparked my interest... I am going to have to give this a try! Katie you ALWAYS amaze me!


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