Thursday, January 13, 2011

Action Wobbles for Sale!

Hi, everybody! Thanks for all of your nice comments on my being picked to be on Emma's design team! My first "My Creative Time" stamps arrived yesterday, and I'm about to get started on a card using them. They are so cute! First, though, I just wanted to let you know that I got an email announcing that the Action Wobbles are for sale while supplies last. You can get 50 for $18.95 or 100 for $28.95, with shipping and handling included. I went ahead and ordered 100, because I think they would be fun to use in my classroom too! You can order them here. It says "while supplies last," so you may want to hurry over there!


  1. I know, the stamps are SO cute! I can't wait to see what you are making. I also ordered 100 Action Wobbles and I still have a ton left over from being part of their focus group. They said they were while supplies last and I had to have enough to last me FOREVER just in case they stop making them. LOL. BTW, your class would LOVE them. I haven't had a child not LOVE playing with them. My kids think they are the BEST!

  2. I love my action wobbles that I got when they were sending out samples! I hope the supplies will last until my crafty spending freeze is over in a few months!

  3. Oh yeah thanks for the heads up. Got my order in.

    Precious Hugs


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