Thursday, December 30, 2010

Craft Room Makeover

Wow, it's been an exciting week! First a blog makeover, and now a craft room makeover. My office has quickly become overcome with crafting products since I started this little hobby a year and a half ago. It was to the point that things were really crammed together, and I had no room to grow. So I used my Christmas money to get this Ikea Expedit shelving. I love it! As you can see on the bottom shelf, scrapbooks fit into it perfectly. The khaki bins are from Target (Itso Fabric Bins). I couldn't believe how perfectly the large one fit!

While at Ikea, I also picked up these cute little jars for buttons and two different types of magazine holders for my paper. The black CD cases in the picture above are also from Ikea. They're holding all of my stamps.

Here are a couple of pictures of the whole room. The bookcase is directly across from my computer. It's so nice to be organized!


  1. Oh wow! I just posted abt my room re-do and you totally blew mine out of the water! Darn Ikea! I so wish we had one near me, so I could grab the awesome storage stuff. Love it!
    please go check mine out too...


  2. Love love love your new look!


  3. Your room looks great, so neat and organized.

  4. katie, your room is perfect! I'm very jealous, but in a good way!
    liz :o)

  5. That really looks great! I need a craft room redo; mine is getting slightly tight. Lol Thanks for showing us!


  6. I just got the Expedit workstation desk and the smaller bookshelf. I love mine too, I just want to finally get organized in there. I bought the itso fabric bins in white with purple and pink circles. I love it.

  7. Your room looks amazing!!! Congratulations on a roomier office :)

  8. Omg! I Love your craft room! I need you to come over and help me redo my love it Girly.

  9. Wow!!! everything is soooo neat and in it's place. That's how I would love to have a room someday:-)

    Lovely room.

  10. Neat, personalised, and organised – the perfect formula to make a stylish and spacious office. You did a wonderful job, congratulations!


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